Saturday, December 15, 2007

Update from a failure at life.

So basically, I haven't been posting HERE because I suck and have no time to create anything postworthy.
Fortunately, I have a fresh new stock of fabric and a sewing machine to work with, so hopefully you'll be seeing something new soon.
If I don't get anything up, though, you have permission to stab me with a spoon, because that would mean TEMPORARY HIATUS.
Because, honestly, if I don't have time to sew, I won't have time for anything else on this blog.
I do have time to post on my other blog, however. So if you have to get a Leah-fix, then come by

forever yours, November on

P.S. Brian, I'm really just talking to you.
Nobody reads my blog.
Like I said, failure at life.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pants To Swear By

Today I fell in love with the most wonderful pair of pants ever.
They don't appear to be anything special, just plain black (or brown or carbon) workout pants.
But oh boy, are they fantastic.

Lucy Studio Pant, $74

They are so comfortable and ridiculously soft and great to move around in.
They are also very flattering.
I bought them for marching in on cold winter percussion nights, even though we're in a gym, but now that I think about it, I'm going to wear them on an airplane.
Or at the supermarket.
Or at school.
Or at home, painting.
Or cooking or doing homework.
Or anywhere.
That's how much I like them.

Me in my studio pants at JFK in New York.
I look gross, but I have an excuse, it was a long flight.

Highly reccommended.
Plus the people at Lucy are really nice and helpful.
Sure it's an old lady store, but these pants are the bomb.

forever yours, November on

Friday, November 2, 2007


How badly I wanted to lie with you on a beach in Capitola.
How fast my heart sped as I watched you yawn.
For too long I wondered how your skin would feel against mine.
Too much time spent wishing I could touch your hand, taste your lips, hear your breathing in my ear.
Somehow a lie fixes everything.
For some reason unbeknown to me, all is repressed.
Complaints gone.
Unease away.
And all there is
is you
Lying on our own pastoral beach.

(I thought I'd take a stab at poetry.)

forever yours, November on

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The biggest earthquake I've ever lived through happened tonight at 8:04 pm.
And I didn't even feel it.
I've you've been living under a stone for the past few hours, it was a 5.6 earthquake that happened just near Alum Rock and was felt all around the Bay Area, California.
Except, of course, exactly where I was standing.
Almost everyone else felt it or heard it.
I saw the podium shake.
I saw the gong and lights moving.
Unfortunately, I felt nothing.
and that, my friends, sucks.

forever yours, November on

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bonjour, nouvelle musique !

I don't speak French, nor do I put on a convincing French accent.
I had to use babel fish to learn how to say "hello, new music!" in French.
I have, however, discovered the joys of French Pop music and the New French Scene (Nouvelle Scène Francaise).
Female artists such as Olivia Ruiz, Camille, Pauline Croze, and Jeanne Cherhal have been tagged as New French Scene artists, as well as Les Ogres de Barback and La Rue Ketanou.

My personal favorite thus far is Pauline Croze.
As well as having very catchy melodies and fun songs, she's a very pretty girl with lots of talent.
She has been playing guitar and singing since she was 14 years old and has a accomplished a lot since then.
My favorite song by her is called "M'en Voulez-vouz ?" You can watch a live video of her peforming it HERE.

Another one of my favorites is Olivia Ruiz. My aunt first introduced me to her music a few months ago, and I really liked her. In addition to singing in French, she also sings in English and Portuguese. Her music video for La Femme Chocolat is tre tre fun and colorful. Click on the link to watch it.

French is such a pretty language, and the music is simply wonderful. Keep your ears open for a song by the Eudaemonics called "J'aime petit garcons", as we are working on it. Coming soon!

forever yours, November on

P.S. I haven't posted anything lately partly because I've been really busy, and partly because nobody reads this anyways. If you do read these, I'd really really like a comment or two on my posts. They make me feel like people do care. Thank you <3

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandma Potatoes.

Alright, welcome to the first CULINARY post of in Nobody Likes November.
This is my great grandmas recipe for twice baked potatoes, hungarian style.
It's really really easy and takes maybe 15 minutes tops.
I don't have any pictures of her recipe, so until I get one, I took this image from another fellow blogger.
Please forgive me, John.

Twice Baked Potatoes (aka Grandma Potatoes)

recipe serves 2


One Large Russet Potato
Salt and Pepper
Old Bay Seasoning
Parmesan Cheese

1. Microwave the potato on HIGH for five minutes.
2. Take the potato out. IT WILL BE HOT. You just microwaved it. Use common sense. Cut it in half and scoop out enough potato from the middle that the skin just barely manages to hold together on its own.
3. Put the inside of both halves of the potato in a bowl. Pour in enough milk and butter to make it nice and creamy. you want it to be like mashed potatoes.
4. Pour in loads of old bay so the mashed potatoes are tinted orange. If you don't have Old Bay, sucks for you. Use paprika, but it won't really be the same. add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Scoop half of the mashed potatoes into a skin. Make it nice and fat. Make a foil "boat" for the potato to sit in. How cute. Do the same for the other half and the other shell. Snap a picture, they're just too darn cute.
6. sprinkle on some Parmesan and a little more delicious Old Bay on top of each potato. This will make them deliciouser.
7. Pop them into the toaster oven/real oven (one one of those tray things) and broil them until they're crispy on top. Take them out. Note how there's a hint of crispy and before your fork dives into a pool of fluffy creamy mashed potatoes. Yum yum.
8. (optional) Snap another picture before diving in. They're just too darling.
9. Tell me how you like them. Post the pictures from steps 5 and 8 and post them in a comment to this blog. Yay!

Oh yeah, and share them with your buddies.

forever yours, November on

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


it is now 11:46 pm and it shocks me that I finished so much damn homework in only three hours.
Remember that list from yesterday?
allow me to update it.

Find My Best Friends Birthday Present*
Finish Algebra Homework
Start Biome Project**
Finish "Imperial Power" Comic Strip
Practice Drums
Eat Dinner
Do Spanish Homework
Organize Spanish/Algebra/World Geography Binder

Psh, who cares about organization?
Tories birthday present, however, is a different story.
She seemed to enjoy her birthday without it though.

It was also national Talk Like A Pirate Day.
We celebrated by saying "Arrgh!" after every other sentence.
It was a glorious way to spend a birthday.

Marching band today wasn't so bad.
We got some serious 60-second time in.
(which didn't actually take us 60 seconds, it's just a drumline term.)
the winds have a ridiculous visual at the beginning now, too.
It's like "The Leigh High School Colorgaurd and Drumline!"
Our new visual?
We get to turn around four counts before we come in.
drumline's so badass.

I'm getting off topic, I mainly posted this to inform you of completing my homework.
I have now found time to sleep, and I intend to use it.

forever yours, November on

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cymbal Rolls.

So, tonight I realized how stressed out I am about things.
I have so much crap going on and so much to do and not enough time to do it.
And instead of actually doing things, I sit around wondering how to accomplish them.
tonight, I have to
Find My Best Friends Birthday Present*
Finish Algebra Homework
Start Biome Project**
Finish "Imperial Power" Comic Strip
Practice Drums
Eat Dinner
Do Spanish Homework
Organize Spanish/Algebra/World Geography Binder

and crap.
two things are done.

*My best friends birthday present is a really incredible book.

It's about two gay guys who fall in love, but an ex boyfriend comes back and sort of ruins things.
Seriously, you should definately read it.

**Biome, noun, A major regional or global biotic community, such as a grassland or desert, characterized chiefly by the dominant forms of plant life and the prevailing climate.
I was assigned the Temperate Grassland/Shrubland biome, also known as Chaparral.

Meet the Chaparral.
And now, the question is, what am I supposed to do with it?

wish me luck, yo.

forever yours, November on

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I don't need you, I have a granola bar!

Today I was at school, munching on a granola bar walking to second period, and all of a sudden a notion came into my head that just caused a crazy epiphany.
"I don't need you, I have a granola bar!"
Now, the way I'm making it sound so far is "who needs you when I have food! I'm an obese person who finds consolation in junk food when I'm feeling down."
But that certainly is NOT it.
I don't know, things just sort of clicked into place.
I'm not even sure what things or what place.
It's an indescribable feeling, I suppose.
I can only say that it was nice and I hope that someday you experience something like that.

On a less puzzling note, yesterday was the 6 year anniversary of 9/11.
But I'm sure you already knew that.
I'm curious to know.
Has anyone heard of that General Strike thing that was supposed to happen?
Did anyone do it?
I wasn't going to do that because I didn't fully understand the purpose.
See, I assumed, when I heard the words strike, that it was going to be some sort of rebellion or rally.
I found that to be riddiculous because as I stated the other day on a different website, not buying McDonalds for a day or not doing schoolwork won't change the fact that there is a war raging a couple thousand miles away and it CERTAINLY won't change the that the 9/11 terrorist attack did, in fact, happen.
However, as I have just been informed, it was mainly just a day to remember those who died unnecessarily without the distractions of school or shopping or work.
Well, that's a noble enough cause, I suppose.
But hey, I was still sitting there doing my algebra instead of thinking about dead suvillians all day.

forever yours, November on

Monday, September 10, 2007

Yvonna and Yutha's Cooking Show.

So I was thinking about adding a cooking/baking section if anyone was interested.
I wouldn't waste my time taking pictures of my cookies or posting recipes for chicken if nobody wanted to see them.
So, interested?
I don't really have that much free time to do it, but I totally will if anyone wants them.
My cookies are totally bomb, I've been told.
But of course, nowhere near as bomb as Yvonna's Kraft Mac N Cheese.

forever yours, November on

Friday, September 7, 2007


Picture, if you will, a scarf with a hood.
oh lord, I think I can guess what you imagined.
hahaha, thats what I thought too.
Well, I'd heard there was a tiny bit of a hype about these hooded scarfs.
Scoodies they call them.
So I checked it out online.
It turns out they aren't all that nasty.
I sort of like them.

Not so bad, eh?
You can buy them HERE if you feel the need.
Or you could just search around the web.
Well, I just thought I'd share my latest discovery.
Tell me if you get one, how it is.
Maybe I'll just make one.

forever yours, November on

Let us sing songs along.

So, for the past couple of months, I've been on a crazy Tilly And The Wall kick.
Ever heard of them?
Well, heres a little background information.

Tilly And The Wall

genre: pop/indie
members: Derek, guitar/vocals, Jamie, tap dancer, Kianna, vocals, Neely, vocals, and Nick, keyboard
hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

This music just makes me happy, and the tap dancing is just the most incredible addition to already awesome music.
See, instead of having a drum set like any other band, they have a TAP DANCER.
So stomps and slides and claps and clicks take the place of snare, bass, and cymbal.
My personal favorite song by Tilly is called Rainbows in the Dark.
Its about a troubled childhood, and I love how it tells a story and is, at the same time, ridiculously catchy.
The music video is also really fantastic, too.
See, what they did was they had their fans send in videos of themselves singing the song.
And then they put their music behind it.
It's really cute.
anyways, I really like this band.
I hope you can check them out.

forever yours, November on

Aliens don't speak Spanish.

Today, as well as marking the first day of uncertainty, also marks the end of my second week of High School.
I've pretty much hated it since day one.
There are but two things I actually look forward to at school.
1) The Attractive Gentleman From Algebra, Monster Boy. Also referred to as AGFAMB, or just AGFA. Or Terry, which is his name, but not normally.
2) A certain someone with whom I am in lust with to the point which I almost stalk this certain someone. But not really stalk. And thats all I'm going to say.
I admit, some of the people in my classes are pretty entertaining.
My Spanish class, boring as it is (since I took Spanish last year and have to retake it this year because my teacher was too late to sign the stupid form), is full of interesting and comical people, even in the most immature was as possible.
Anyways, I have learned a few things in my first few days.
High School has a lot of homework.
High School is really loud.
People in High School do a lot of drugs.
People in High School do a lot of drugs. during school hours.
People in High School hate freshmen. (I actually discovered that last year in 8th grade, but I may as well put it here to prove a point.)
And, the most important lesson of the all.
Aliens Don't Speak Spanish.

forever yours, November on

Site Launch

Today, September 7th, 2007, marks the first day of uncertainty.
Uncertainty of what this blogs general gist is.
I make this blog and then start debating with myself about what it really is.
At first I was going to make it a fashion informing blog.
then I thought "I'm 14 years old. what do people care about my fashion sense?"
And then I thought "I wouldn't be able to buy any of the products I'm endorsing to really have any actual input. I don't work. I have no moolah."
So there went that idea.
Next I thought I'd make it a music blog.
"I don't have time to listen to music."
Well, thats a lie.
I do have time.
Okay, thats a maybe on that one.
Next. An art blog.
"Post artwork I like? Eh. perhaps."
"Post my own artwork? Eh again. Perhaps."
Another maybe.
Next. Personal life.
"well, thats sort of personal though, isn't it?"
Ah well, may as well.
So far I've got Music and Art and Personal life.
Oh, what the heck, lets throw Fashion into the mix as well.
"Now, it needs an umbrella term. I'm not going to go around saying 'Nobody Likes November: A Music, Art, Fashion, And Personal Life Informative Blog'."
I'm still working on that.
If anyone wants to help me out with that one, be my guest.
Until then, welcome to my Music, Art, Fashion, And Personal Life Informative Blog.

Forever yours, November on