Wednesday, September 19, 2007


it is now 11:46 pm and it shocks me that I finished so much damn homework in only three hours.
Remember that list from yesterday?
allow me to update it.

Find My Best Friends Birthday Present*
Finish Algebra Homework
Start Biome Project**
Finish "Imperial Power" Comic Strip
Practice Drums
Eat Dinner
Do Spanish Homework
Organize Spanish/Algebra/World Geography Binder

Psh, who cares about organization?
Tories birthday present, however, is a different story.
She seemed to enjoy her birthday without it though.

It was also national Talk Like A Pirate Day.
We celebrated by saying "Arrgh!" after every other sentence.
It was a glorious way to spend a birthday.

Marching band today wasn't so bad.
We got some serious 60-second time in.
(which didn't actually take us 60 seconds, it's just a drumline term.)
the winds have a ridiculous visual at the beginning now, too.
It's like "The Leigh High School Colorgaurd and Drumline!"
Our new visual?
We get to turn around four counts before we come in.
drumline's so badass.

I'm getting off topic, I mainly posted this to inform you of completing my homework.
I have now found time to sleep, and I intend to use it.

forever yours, November on

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