Friday, September 7, 2007

Let us sing songs along.

So, for the past couple of months, I've been on a crazy Tilly And The Wall kick.
Ever heard of them?
Well, heres a little background information.

Tilly And The Wall

genre: pop/indie
members: Derek, guitar/vocals, Jamie, tap dancer, Kianna, vocals, Neely, vocals, and Nick, keyboard
hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

This music just makes me happy, and the tap dancing is just the most incredible addition to already awesome music.
See, instead of having a drum set like any other band, they have a TAP DANCER.
So stomps and slides and claps and clicks take the place of snare, bass, and cymbal.
My personal favorite song by Tilly is called Rainbows in the Dark.
Its about a troubled childhood, and I love how it tells a story and is, at the same time, ridiculously catchy.
The music video is also really fantastic, too.
See, what they did was they had their fans send in videos of themselves singing the song.
And then they put their music behind it.
It's really cute.
anyways, I really like this band.
I hope you can check them out.

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