Friday, September 7, 2007

Aliens don't speak Spanish.

Today, as well as marking the first day of uncertainty, also marks the end of my second week of High School.
I've pretty much hated it since day one.
There are but two things I actually look forward to at school.
1) The Attractive Gentleman From Algebra, Monster Boy. Also referred to as AGFAMB, or just AGFA. Or Terry, which is his name, but not normally.
2) A certain someone with whom I am in lust with to the point which I almost stalk this certain someone. But not really stalk. And thats all I'm going to say.
I admit, some of the people in my classes are pretty entertaining.
My Spanish class, boring as it is (since I took Spanish last year and have to retake it this year because my teacher was too late to sign the stupid form), is full of interesting and comical people, even in the most immature was as possible.
Anyways, I have learned a few things in my first few days.
High School has a lot of homework.
High School is really loud.
People in High School do a lot of drugs.
People in High School do a lot of drugs. during school hours.
People in High School hate freshmen. (I actually discovered that last year in 8th grade, but I may as well put it here to prove a point.)
And, the most important lesson of the all.
Aliens Don't Speak Spanish.

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