Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kitty calculator cozy

Made to (loosely) fit TI 84 Plus graphing calculator.

1 skein lionbrand thick n quick
Size 8 16 in circular needles or DPNs, whichever you are more comfortable using.
Buttons for eyes, about 1 yard each pink and black yarns for nose and mouth
tapestry needle
sewing needle, thread

CO 39 stitches

k1, p1 rib for 1.25 inches
switch to st st, continue for 7.75 inches
BO with three needle bind off
weave in loose ends

with back facing you, pick up 7 st from BO edge, far right
1. knit all
2. purl 5, p2tog (6 st)
3. knit 4, k2tog (5 st)
4. purl 3, p2tog (4 st)
5. knit 2, k2tog (3 st)
6. purl 1, p2tog (2 st)
7. k2tog (1 st)
break yarn, pull through last st. Weave in loose ends.
repeat for other ear, opposite side.

embroider nose with pink yarn, mouth with black, and sew on eyes with button. Be creative! If desired, pick up stitches on the back to make a tail, add whiskers, or sew on fabric to make a tummy.

Keep your graphing calculator nice and cozy with your new kitty. :]

Friday, April 9, 2010

Death Valley hat

picture coming soon!

you will need:
size US 9 circular needles (16 in.)
size US 9 dpns
worsted weight yarn
stitch marker, tapestry needle

CO 75
1. k2, p1 rib around for 1 inch
2. purl
3. k1, p1 to last st. k1fb (76)
4. purl
5. k1 p1 around

rep rows 4 and 5 until 5 in long.

dec rows: (switch to dpns when necessary)
1. p2tog, p2 around (57)
2. k1, p1 to last 2 st, p2tog (56)
3. p2tog, p2 around (42)
4. k1, p1 around
5. p2tog, p1 around (28)
6. k1, p1 around
7. p2tog around (14)
8. k2tog around (7)

break yarn, use tapestry needle to draw through remaining st, pull tight.
weave in loose end inside.
wear. enjoy. :]