Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pants To Swear By

Today I fell in love with the most wonderful pair of pants ever.
They don't appear to be anything special, just plain black (or brown or carbon) workout pants.
But oh boy, are they fantastic.

Lucy Studio Pant, $74

They are so comfortable and ridiculously soft and great to move around in.
They are also very flattering.
I bought them for marching in on cold winter percussion nights, even though we're in a gym, but now that I think about it, I'm going to wear them on an airplane.
Or at the supermarket.
Or at school.
Or at home, painting.
Or cooking or doing homework.
Or anywhere.
That's how much I like them.

Me in my studio pants at JFK in New York.
I look gross, but I have an excuse, it was a long flight.

Highly reccommended.
Plus the people at Lucy are really nice and helpful.
Sure it's an old lady store, but these pants are the bomb.

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-briten said...

Leah = Fashion Model. It's true.

-briten said...

so, i agree. and i'm in this blog because you need to update it. lol